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Repair responsibilities and rechargeable repairs

Updated: 4 September 2023

Which repairs are my responsibility?

We will carry out the majority of any repairs caused by fair wear and tear to your home. However, the day-to-day upkeep of your home is your responsibility.

Your tenancy agreement outlines some of the tasks we expect you to take responsibility for. Generally, these are small maintenance and repairs jobs you should be able to carry out to keep your home in good working order.

  • Additional keys, locks, bolts, handles and latches, including where keys are lost or stolen
  • Any repairs due to misuse, or damage to fixtures and fittings not caused by normal wear and tear
  • Damage caused by you, your family or visitors to your home
  • Doorbells, latches, knobs, handles, finger plates, chains and spyholes where fitted by the customer
  • Problems caused by not drying up condensation when it occurs (most homes experience condensation)
  • Smoke detectors/alarms - disposable batteries testing and replacement (unless supplied and fitted by Torus)
  • Bath, sink and WC waste pipe and gully cleaning where blockages result from neglect or carelessness by you, members of your household or visitors
  • Minor cracks in the plaster that can be made good with a DIY filler
  • Light bulbs, electric plugs, fuses, fluorescent tubes and starter motors (except in communal areas)
  • Boundary dividing walls, fencing and hedging (except those supplied by us)
  • Fencing repairs (including the application of timber preservatives) if not provided previously by the relevant Local Authority or Torus.
  • Equipment, fixtures or fittings belonging to you
  • Garden maintenance including paths and patios not provided by the relevant Local Authority or Torus
  • Internal doors (fair wear and tear accepted)
  • Plumbing to washing machines, dishwasher and other such appliances
  • Keeping gullies clear (except communal gullies)
  • Toilet seats, chains, pulls and handles
  • Plugs and chains to sink, bath and wash hand basin
  • Curtain battens, coat hooks and rails
  • Door catches, handles, hinges, shelving and drawers
  • Electrical plugs, fuses, resetting circuit breakers and light bulbs
  • Floor coverings (Inc. laminated flooring)
  • Adjustments, and easing to doors to clear floor coverings and re-hanging doors after carpets fitted
  • Washing line and posts (except where washing line is a communal facility)
  • Gate catches and latches (excluding wrought iron gates)
  • Electric fires: light bulb replacement
  • Outbuildings, sheds, garages or greenhouses other than those supplied by us (if we have ‘gifted’ these to you they are your responsibility)
  • External glazing, unless caused by a structural fault or vandalism if a crime reference is presented. If customers fail to undertake the glazing repair in a reasonable timescale, or in an emergency, work may be done by Torus and recharged to the customer.
  • Blocked drains caused by wet wipes or other foreign objects that have been put there.
  • Door renewals when Police have forced entry.

Rechargeable repairs

Any damage caused by forced entry made at the customer’s request (in an emergency, work may be done by Torus and recharged).

If you’d like us to carry out repairs that are your responsibility, this can be arranged. However, we will charge you for this, in line with our Rechargeable Repairs Policy

We ensure that all our homes have building insurance to protect them from major issues but it’s up to you to pay for your own home contents insurance and to insure your own personal belongings.

We will not cover the cost of replacing any personal items caused by water leaks or fire, or other general events, unless this is caused by Torus negligence.

Find out more about Customer Homes Contents Insurance

Allowing access for appointments!

If  you report a repair to us and an appointment is booked for someone to attend you must be home and allow access for your appointment.

Not going to be in for your appointment? Let us know

It is very important that you let us know if your appointment isn’t convenient, and we will work with you to rebook for a time that suits you better. This can be done by contacting the Torus Customer Hub:

Your cooperation in allowing access is important and is a condition of your tenancy agreement. If you continue to fail to provide access, we may need to consider legal action to gain access. We don’t want to do this but sometimes are left with no choice, especially if there is a risk to you, our property, or other people.

We will do our best to work with you if there are special circumstances which may affect access to your home and provide support where appropriate.

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