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Tenant Inspectors

Tenant Inspectors (TI’s) work with us to improve services for all tenants and leaseholders. They get an insight into our services and procedure and test our services to help shape services to meet the needs of others.

Updated: 14 June 2022

“l am proud be a Tenant Voice Inspector, speaking up for the residents and tenants of Torus to help make a difference to their lives and surroundings”.

John, Tenant Inspector

We have 28 TI’s who conduct mystery shopping on our services and report on how we’re doing and then feedback on what they find.

The report highlights strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Full training is given, and you can choose how often you want to be involved and where.

The role and training

  • Inspections can be done from your own home, as some inspections are over the phone or are online.
  • Each inspection will only take a couple of hours of your time.
  • Full training and equipment if needed will be provided – we will also support you to get online and improve your digital skills!
  • Reasonable out of pocket expenses are covered.
  • We understand that not everyone has the right equipment or skills to volunteer their time virtually, so we will provide help to customers who would like to let involved to improve their digital skills and access equipment.

We’re committed to delivering services to the standards you expect. Working with our residents, we’ve developed the Local Offers , which lets you know what you should expect from us.

Local Offers covers your home, where you live, the service you receive, the support we offer and how you can have your say.

The TI programme is to test these Local Offer commitments to make sure we are doing what we should be. TI’s provide feedback on service quality and customer experience, identifying good and poor service and make recommendation for service improvements.

What it involves?

  • Each month a Local Offer commitment will be tested by Tenant Inspectors.
  • All tests will be completed by individual inspectors from across the three main heartlands.
  • Findings from the inspections will be collated by the Tenant Voice team.
  • Tenant Inspectors will receive a copy of the report and can provide feedback through a virtual meeting or by email.
  • The finding of the inspection will be shared with service leads.
  • A summary of inspections will be presented to Landlord Operations Committee each quarter and published on the Torus Website.

“You can improve things when they go wrong and by being a Tenant Inspector lets me help to put things right.”.

Barbara, Tenant Inspector